Tag: Region: Nova Scotia

  • Published: 29 November 2022

    Regional Spotlight – King’s County, NS

    A detailed look at the labour supply and demand in King’s County, Nova Scotia.

  • Published: 29 November 2022

    Regional Spotlight – South West Nova Scotia

    An analytical view into the fish and seafood processing sector spotlighting the South West Region on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Fish and seafood processors were interviewed in the region to gain a complete and encompassing understanding of the Human Resources (HR) challenges faced in this industry. While also looking at different details that contribute to these challenges like an aging labour force, education and more. Some of these factors play into the vacancy rate being felt across the industry in this region. The report also offers recommendations like the untapped potential of students during the peak season or a few other approaches already being used by some plants. Giving you relevant information, this report on the South West Region in Nova Scotia supplies you with the full picture of their fish and seafood processing sector.