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Your resource for the latest data and trends impacting employment success in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry workforce.

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Latest labour market information is an absolute essential for Canadian food and beverage employers in making informed business and workforce decisions. And if you are an educator, student or jobseeker, be sure to access our recent insights on skills training and career pathways. We have the data you need to make the right choices.

National data identifying current employment numbers and future skills forecasts.

Regional evaluations to better understand urban-rural barriers and opportunities for businesses.

 Economic analysis of industry losses due to COVID-19 and employment gaps.

Information on the value of qualitative and quantitative labour market data to business strategy.

Vacancy Crisis

If you are involved in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry you already understand that we are in the middle of a severe employment vacancy crisis. People employed by Canada’s 13,000 businesses are at the heart of this industry’s success, but if growth is to continue and people are to be nourished around the globe, attracting and retaining skilled individuals must be the number one priority.

It’s a fact — by 2025, food and beverage manufacturers will need about 55,000 more people or 20% of the existing workforce. And each vacancy is costing employers a remarkable $190 per day or an average daily industry loss of revenue of $8.5 million.

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The data has confirmed for industry that labour is the number one priority impacting resilience and growth, especially during the challenges of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

When we talk about labour market information we typically discuss traditional data like national, regional and sector stats. This information is incredibly valuable to providing a macro to granular analysis of an industry, but there is much more information available.

What about learning how to be the very best employer to multiple generations in a workplace? Or understanding how jobseekers perceive the industry and careers available. Maybe you would like to learn more about work compensation levels.

Food Processing Skills Canada has implemented a comprehensive labour market information strategy to ensure that businesses and industry stakeholders have access to the most relevant and useful data available.

Current and accurate labour market information is a necessity for any business to make informed and successful decisions.

Jennefer Griffith

Executive Director,

Food Processing Skills Canada


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