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Food Processing Skills Canada has been conducting general and subsector analysis of labour market information for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in Canada for many years. The insights have been vital to understanding the labour environment and designing solutions that support people and businesses.

What is it about?

Labour market information is the entry point for solving the urgent employment, training and upskilling requirements of the food and beverage manufacturing industry in Canada. There is simply no time to waste if the industry is to capture new market share around the globe. Add to this, the significant upside for Canada and Canadians through job creation and increased economic activity generated by successful businesses.

To better understand real-time labour challenges experienced by food and beverage manufacturers across Canada and complement the current research and analysis strategy, FPSC launched Rapid Results. This initiative leverages an Employer Opinion Panel to gather information on core labour issues and specific pain points that businesses are facing. The information is summarized in a report and shared with industry and stakeholders to guide informed decision-making.

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