Published: 29 November 2022

Regional Spotlight – Brandon, MB

An analytical view into the meat processing sector spotlighting the Brandon Region, located in Southwestern Manitoba. The region hosts 8 meat processing facilitates, with a focus on slaughtering and meat processing. The 8 vary significantly in size, with the two larger ones being some of the largest hog processors in Canada. The region faces challenges with a labour shortage that could last decade, even with the aging population and in migration. The region’s meat processing industry also face more unique challenges, like having a limited number of higher skill meat cutters in Canada, or the young workers moving away to more urban cities. The impact of this labour shortage is felt with the facilities not being able to meet their client’s demands. However, some processor are finding new solutions to these problems like having meat cutting certification programs aimed at international students and a referral program for people living in cities with the option of assistance with relocation. Giving you relevant information, this report on the Brandon Region supplies you with the full picture of their meat processing sector.

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