Category: Sector Survey Reports

  • Other Food Processing Sector Report

    Other Food Processing Sector Report

    An in-depth survey where the information comes directly from Other Food Processors. From the 126 processors we surveyed, approximately one-third (34%) reported not being able to fill positions or chronic recruitment challenges. Through this survey report you will get to hear information about recruitment challenges, how many vacancies there are and what benefits the industry…

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  • Dairy Sector Report

    Dairy Sector Report

    Real Challenges. Practical Solutions. Fresh Perspectives.

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  • Bakery Sector Report

    Bakery Sector Report

    We asked 100 bakery processors across Canada to give us a full picture of the industry to date. With this better understanding of the industry, we were able to learn about the average size of the facilities, what products are most manufactured and so much more. We also got to see the challenges the sector…

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